Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2.... not as bad as I feared!

Of course, I have a theory of why... because, after yesterday's assessment hike, I was put in the slow bus - or, the beginner group, but the slowest of the beginners. Oddly, instead of this *bothering* me, I got a bit optimistic - I thought, well... maybe my hikes won't be as scary as yesterday's was, AND, maybe this will put me at the front of the pack (and boost my ego some.. yes, it NEEDS boosting, it's rather bruised currently). Guess what? I was up near the front of the pack! So, that was good. Granted I didn't burn as many calories, but I'm hoping I'll gain some strength and improve as the weeks progress.

Drama. I nearly lost it at one point today. At dinner, I took a few bites of the baked penne, and well... didn't like it. Tried the broccoli, didn't like those. I must have muttered something, and my table mates asked what was up. I told them. They said, ask for something different! Normally, this is a very difficult thing for me to do (believe it or not). So, I did. The server said, well, since you started eating it, that's all you can have... and walked away. I stared to tear up. But, I did NOT want to lose it at dinner. The girls at my table really did step in, cheer me up.. got me to go get a side salad, and essentially derailed a complete *mood* that was settling in. It would have been an ugly mood, not just crying, but the kind of *thing* that can settle in and takes DAYS to go away... a ride down a spiral to a very dark place. So, I'm grateful for them today... very much so.

I've decided to pretty much skip the optional 6am stretch class - this week. The problem is that because I'm in week 1, there are lectures ever night after dinner. So our day doesn't end until 7pm. Add in a shower, a blog entry & surfing (to unwind ... have not yet turned on the TV), and I went to bed @9pm last night.. tonight will be more like 10pm (because I got a massage). I haven't been sleeping well - partly due to detox (from processed carbs & sugar), partly from nerves. In any case, tonight I took some Advil PMs because I must get solid sleep. Anyway... I got off-track... getting to bed then, makes it difficult to get up at 5 or 5:30. So, this week, no stretch class. Next week, when there are no after-dinner lectures, then I'll try to add them back in.

Ok, some notes:


  • Did the beach hike - or slightly modified version because of being in the 101 group. 
  • Still managed to do 4 miles.
  • Took a road for part of it (on the way back), which had us pass some richy-rich houses, so that was kinda cool to see. BUT, the road, took a STEEP switchback curve... had to be at least 15% grade. Thankfully, we were going downhill at this point. But I learned something, going downhill that steep makes your quads BURN.
  • Best thing I've been doing is making sure I wear a hat during the hikes & wear sun screen. I burn very easily and have avoided getting a burn on my scalp (my hair part usually gets one)
  • Stretch class after the hike was AWESOME
  • Total Toning with Ursula... in 2 days, THAT class made me sweat the MOST, it was literally dripping off of me. Resistance bands, tough.
  • h20 intervals - Sam taught this class. OMG, I didn't think I could get my heart rate up to 160 while in the pool!! (my polar FT7 works in the water, excellent!). Had some fun in that class, although it was tough!
  • cardio intervals - didn't have much in the tank left for this one, so, I wasn't able to give it my all, but I did push a little bit in spots.
  • Total calorie burn (from 7am-5:30pm) was only 2400. A bit of a let-down actually.
Notes about the Pics:
  • Olivia asked in a comment from yesterday about the electrolyte tablets. I took a picture of the container. There are 16 tablets in there, and I bought them here. I strongly recommend them. Now, at lunch, I drop a tablet in my water glass & drink it right there... gives me a bit of a pick-me up. Bye bye headaches & shakiness.
  • Sorry the dinner pics are kind of dark. I tried futzing with the settings, but, my brain hurt. 
  • Forgot to take a pic of breakfast.... scrambled eggs & 2 french toast (yes, seriously), even with a 1 oz serving of pure maple syrup!
  • make sure to check out the pics, there's one of me in it :)
Regrets of the day:
  • Easy... that I didn't book an 80 minute massage instead of a 50 minute one! (Swedish massage)
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  1. Danielle,

    I'm so happy to hear you have made friends there to help you out. I'm happy to read that, despite the litte bumps along the way, you are persisting :). Try raising the flash for those dinner pics. I'm assuming you are shooting in P mode. Kisses!


  2. Hi Danielle.. thanks for responding and taking a pic of the electrolyte tablets!! thank you for sharing your thoughts... You're such an inspiration to all. WTG!!