Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1 .... and I'm TIRED!!!

Well, I made it through day 1 and I will admit, there were a few times that I didn't think I would. I managed to only have a couple of mini melt-downs (few tears a bit). BUT, I survived the day. I'm exhausted... this has to be the single hardest physical day of my life. Let's put it in perspective... counting ONLY from 6am until 5:30pm, I burned a total of about 3000 calories. That's insane, right? In fact, 1400 of them were done by 11am!

Ok, since I'm so tired (will be in bed well before 9pm), I thought I'd do a quick run-down of my day & a few other things. Those from work will recognize this... a list, from me! LOL ... that's my usual MO when I'm sending a rambling email. Anyway, I think it will work best for this post.

First, initial thoughts before my day began:

  •  Pillows are kinda squishy (too soft for my liking)
  • Bed is pretty comfy overall
  • Water pressure in shower is very good
  • I should have packed slippers for the room - socks get dirty fast & the floor is a tad slippery.
Stretch class:

  • My lower back really hurts after just standing for a few minutes. After the awesome stretch class (6am with Sam), it actually stopped hurting... until the hike. Must bring Motrin ON the hike in case I need it that early in the day. Imagine a stretch class... and I burned nearly 350 calories in about an hour.
The hike:

  • Did Paramount Ranch today - roughly 4 miles in about 90ish minutes. Lots of ups & downs. I decided the take the good advice I was told and I took no pictures, concentrated on putting on foot in front of the other. Still some muddy spots on the trails, and the trails are shared with horses... so lots of things to look out for, not to mention how they tear up the trails after it's rained.
  • Had a mini melt down - and was completely alone - the last few people & hiking guide behind me were nowhere in sight, and those in front were WAY gone. The cause? The pain... but, not in my feet/ankles or knees like I feared, but in my lower back. Add in that I had to stop every now & then because my heart rate hit 177 (which I think is my max - based on my age... 220-your age is supposed to be your max, on average). So, needless to say I was sucking air.
  • I got caught up for a little bit in not being last... I just didn't want to be last on the hike. Which is stupid. I know it's about me - for everyone there, it's about them. But, I was just scared of what that meant. I *think* I got over that part by the time the hike ended.
Rest of the day:
  • 15 minutes is not a lot of time to get back to your room & get ready for the pool class. OR, to get back to your room to get out of your swimsuit & get ready for a gym class. Brutal.
  • Classes went well overall, but I was loosing steam as the day went on. By the time I got to Circuit Training at 3:30, I barely had anything left in the tank.
  • Classes were done @5:15, and while the last class was good... I was DONE 30 minutes before it ended. I mean, I went through the motions best I could, but wow... put a fork in me, I was done.

Biggest regrets of the day:

  • Not having taken an electrolyte tablet earlier in the day (I took mine around 8pm)
  • Not taking Motrin when I came back to my room throughout the day (I kept forgetting since I was pressed for time... I mean, did you SEE how far my cabin is????)
  • Not keeping antacids on me, been a real problem today

Since I didn't take pics during the hike, the only pics I have today are of the menu board, my schedule for today and all of the food! Speaking of which, has been really good - even the Sloppy Joes that I've heard people complain about before. I'm not gonna lie, I got hungry a few times during the day, which is when I started to wane in class... but, I worked through it best I could. 

Remember, if you click on the pics below, it'll open a new page with larger versions of the pics.


  1. Great job Danielle! I'm very proud of you. I wish I could have been there for at least a week, just for the experience. One day down, a few more to go. The end result will be worth it. Remember, you are doing it for YOU!!

    Hugs and kisses.


  2. Way to go Danielle! You're amazing! On the topic of electrolyte tablets, can you tell me the brand you're taking and where did you purchase them? Keep up the great rock!!!