Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 14... Torrential rains!

My goodness... it has rained more today than... well, I don't know what. A friend texted me that they are talking mudslides in the area now! Just crazy. Today, on campus, we had to deal with the power going on & off, the tv going in & out, and the co2 alarms going crazy (because of the power problems). My plans got blown out of the water.... no shopping for shoes, and no laundry! Ugh. That means I'll need to do some laundry tomorrow - I hope... assuming the power stays steady and the clothes won't be soaked by the time I walk them back to my cabin!

So, what did I do today? Well. I napped. I sort-of watched TV (remember, it kept going in & out). Oh, and I got an 80 minute massage from Jonathan. I have to agree with this reputation... he's pretty darn good. I've had 4 masseuses here, and he definitely was the best. Others are good (one I didn't care for too much), but he has very skilled hands! I found out today he's been a massage therapist for 17 years! It shows! I also have 2 appts this week with Dr. Ray, who is still pretty awesome in my book!!

I was originally slated to be in the Yellow group this week, but I asked to change to Orange. One, my friends are in Orange, and two... a person I find *incredibly* annoying was going to be in my group again. I found it distracting the last week, and overall a negative influence, so I thought it best if I switched. So, I'm happy I did that... normally might not be something I would do. But, this journey is suppose to be about *me*, even though I'm uncomfortable with that at times.

So, all the newbies are here... 49 of them in all. So, there's 81 of us here this week. Already it seems like there's a better vibe than there was last week with the newbies, so that seems good!

Ok... so week 3 is about to begin, rain or shine! :) ... time to get to it!!

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