Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 6 ... took it easy

Saturday... supposed to be a half day. I was originally only going to work out in the gym on the weight machines, but I felt terrible this morning. So I decided to listen to my body, and just rested. I actually took a nap for a few hours and that has been the deepest sleep I've had since being here. I had the TV on the whole time. So, maybe that's been part of my problem... it's been too quiet? Starting tonight, I'm going to try putting the sleep timer on the TV and see if that helps.

I'd love to take some time & reflect about this past week, but I'm still so tired. So, I think I'll make this post rather short instead.

I'm surprised how emotional I am that some people are leaving after tomorrow. I guess I don't always do well with change... and this week is no different. One of the new friends I made here leaves tomorrow... and I'm bummed about that. She's really a very cool person, we have a lot in common and she's always has such a positive attitude and is so calm. I'm going to miss her!! ... She'll be in NYC late this summer, so hopefully we'll be able to meet up then.. and keep in touch before then.

That truly is one of the most surprising things.. how closely you bond to people. I think it's an extension of being so beat up physically that your emotions are so raw... just under the surface. So, when you connect to people while in that state... you REALLY connect to them, ya know?

I've cried more this week than... well, than in a long time. Most of it has been "good". Some of it points out some things I need to explore further. I'm thinking I want to book an appointment with the life coach here in the next week. I think there are some "issues" I need to talk about... and see where that takes me. This place is so much more than a "fat camp" or even a fitness resort...... it truly can be life changing, and I think that's what I' looking for. Change. Me. Wow, that's growth (for me). I talk the talk, but I don't always follow through with it (change), and I'm hoping this time will be different.

Tomorrow is a day of rest, and I'm looking forward to doing exactly that. Rest & Laundry.

G'night all!

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  1. It really DOES suck when the people you bonded with leave.... especially your week 1 peeps... I found week 2 hard and week 3 even harder! But then I got really close to people in week 4 and had the best time. It will be weird to see all the newbies come in all excited and nervous while you're all relaxed and comfortable.

    Just be gentle and kind with yourself and allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to whatever comes up emotionally. And yes, definitely talk to Essara - she's great at seeing right through your walls and getting to the nitty gritty :)

    Have a fabulous day off and this week start believing in your abilities and dont be afraid to push yourself - no matter WHAT your heart rate monitor says. In fact, dont wear it for a full day and just listen to your body.

    Have fun and I'll be reading everyday to see how far you go!!

    Leslie xo