Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3

Sorry I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday... so I'm catching up. This blog is just about day 3, which is now yesterday for me. Last night I was in bed asleep by 8:30!!! Of course, I've been having A LOT of sleeping issues, so, I was up at 10:30, then again at 12:00, then 1:30... and so on. They say that when you detox from processed carbs & sugar, that one of the symptoms can be disruptive sleep. I'm hoping that ends soon, because I'm exhausted!!

Ok, let's get to it!


6am - stretch (optional)... as previously mentioned, I'm not attending these this week
7am - breakfast (eggs & toast, side of fruit for me)
8am - hike... we did Malibu Creek (more about the hike later)
11:15am - Circuit training.. 2 mins cardio, followed by a weight machine. Repeat for 45 mins
12:30pm - lunch (soup & BBQ pizza)
1:15pm - lecture: Emotional Eating
2:30pm - Kickboxing (however, with my back pains, I could only punch
3:30pm - Mountain (cardio machine, increase every 2 minutes, 12 times, then back down)
4:30pm - h20 circuit - pool classes are tough, but easier for the joints
5:30pm - dinner (chef salad, mango sorbet)
6:15pm - lecture: Intuitive Eating

The BEST part of having pool class last? ... the hot tub!!! 15 minutes of that, followed by dinner. After the after-dinner lecture, I had an appointment with the Chiropractor. This guy is GOOD! (and ladies, he's pretty hot looking too). He diagnosed what my problem is within minutes. The session with him definitely helped, but hasn't cured my problem. I'm going to need some recurring visits to really see some improvement. Ohhh, and he used this stuff, called Bio Freeze, much better than icyhot or ben gay, and it has a roll-on dispenser. AND, there's no smell. The stuff works well... and doesn't stink up your room (or make you smell funny during class!)

The hike..... ok, about 15 minutes into the hike, we hit this steep decline. I asked one of the guides if our hike was a loop or a return trip. Figures, it'll be a return trip... meaning, this steep decline will be a killer uphill towards the end of this hike. I was scared of it. So... fast forward, we get to the base of that now steep incline. I told the hiking guide, the only reason I was going to climb up was because the f'n van was on the other side. She gave me some tips of how to go uphill (shorter steps, suck in your belly button, don't stick out your butt, and don't lean forward). Her advice helped, my back wasn't too painful going up. By the time I got up to the top, I was alone (I was in the middle of the pack), I rested some before another smaller inclined section. I was looking around, trying to think about something other than my burning leg muscles. And, I noticed how scenic it was. And then in another second, I thought how much my dad would have loved this view. And then in another second, I fell apart. (My dad passed away just over a year ago). Grief just consumed me, and I think I stood there for a few minutes just sobbing. I mean, chest heaving, loud, all out crying. It was a very emotional few minutes for me... that actually lasted for awhile - by that I mean, I was not talkative once back to the van, or even for a couple of hours. I just withdrew. It's something I needed to feel. But, it's been many months since grief has taken a hold of me like that. 

I think when you're body is just tired.. your beat to the core (like they do here), your emotions are just very raw, and very close to the surface. It doesn't take much for them to come raging out.

So, after my Chiro appointment, I showered & went to bed. Even blogging was too "talkative" for me to handle. I needed some space. So, I took it. That's another thing they try to teach here... listen to your body/mind. Give it what it needs when it asks.

Biggest regret of the day: 

  • having waited until I got here before going to a Chiropractor. Living with the constant pain has been unnecessary. I didn't want to go before because I assumed I would get the type of answer most doctors tend to give... "lose weight". I didn't want to hear it AGAIN. They say that like I'm all of a sudden going to say, wow? really? I didn't realize I was overweight. They should teach more doctors some compassion & how to respect people. 

I took a few pics along the way, plus some food pics of course.

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  1. I really like how they are seeming to focus on body & MIND. Sorry to hear about your breakdown, but I'm happy you pulled through. It will get better over time. Your dad's passing is still too new.