Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 9 ... keep on keepin' on!

I was dead tired Tuesday night, which is why I'm writing this entry on Wed and I never even finished it until Thursday!! I was in bed by 8pm on Tuesday, although I did watch TV until nearly 10.... was just waiting for the sleeping pills to kick in. I still have not slept soundly, but I suspect I've figured out why. I think the biggest reason is that the beds are softer than I'm used to. Anyhoots... I'll just keep taking sleeping pills until I can sleep through the night on my own. Lack of good sleep REALLY shows up in your effort and energy level the next day. I tried to push myself, and for the most part I did (even did bursts of 15% incline on the treadmill), but I had NO endurance. Sam's total toning class (think circuit training but on other stuff than machines), I just couldn't go for the full minute all-out portions of class. I could start out each of them, but just had no energy to sustain the full minute and needed longer than the allotted 30 secs for recovery.

Some other highlights of my day:

  • Charmlee - pretty views. I took a few pics. Although we only did about 3.6 miles (from what someone told me), I'm exhausted. A black shirt, even a dry-weave/wicking shirt on a sunny day is just brutal after awhile. For anyone planning on going on the hikes, make sure you put sunscreen on BEFORE you start your hike - you'll need it, even if it's cloudy. I burn pretty easy, so I wanted to be careful. So far, between that and wearing a hat, I've been ok burn-wise. I need to figure out how to get better sleep... because I'm just dragging and don't have much endurance for the second half of the hikes, even with electrolyte tablets in my pack.

  • Yesterday I had another appointment with the Chiro. He told me to ditch my shoes, they were beyond being supportive. I did bring 2 pairs of gym shoes with me... one pair really worn in and the other have always been a bit tight. So, I guess I need to switch to the newer pair. Shoes are such a big deal.. your feet are everything when taking the type of punishment we're giving them at a place like this. Taking care of your feet really is critical.
All in all... a pretty good day. I'm just beat!

Regret of the day:

  • Having a newer, but slightly worn in pair of gym shoes for the exercise classes - that FIT WELL!
Below are some pics from Day 9

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