Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 7 ... a day of rest

Relaxation on Sundays is encouraged. I didn't have to be told twice! My day consisted of laundry, a massage, and hanging out. Perfect. The icing on the cake (hmmm, maybe I need a new phrase, LOL) would have been the hot tub, but I'm at least 1 more day away from that.

Not much to write today... and no pics (again). I plan on trying to pick back up with the pics - of the food & hikes this week... so you have that look to forward to! :) 

The newbies are all here.. beyond full capacity this week, there are 82 people. 40 stay-overs, and 42 newbies. The stay-overs are supposed to give advice during the introductions after dinner. Mine was that your hike is YOUR hike... it's not a race, it doesn't matter if you're first or last, it's YOUR hike and don't compare yourself with anyone else. I thought that was pretty good advice... it was definitely a struggling point with me this past week.

I'm not sure about the "vibe" I got from the newbies... lots of them are here for only 1 week. It was just weird at dinner to look around, and see so many new faces. But, it's my journey... it should be that for everyone here, it's all about me for each of us. That's probably one of the coolest things about this place.

Ok... I'm going to sit, relax & watch a little TV before turning in early. We have another assessment hike tomorrow to place us in our "groups". I'm nervous to see what hike I'll be on.

So, may week 2 begin! The adventure continues.


  1. Let me start off by saying how PROUD I am of you!!! You are an inspiration to all of us!(at least to me) You are over coming so many obstacles in such a short period of time and I think you are handling things well.
    It's OK to break down and cry. Cry a river if you need to. Then you will find the bridge to walk over that river and be a stronger, healthier person. Crying doesn't show you are weak it shows that you are the opposite... strong, some one with emotions.. we are not robots. Cry and let it out. It's not good to keep things all bottled up. It's a release for some people like myself. Crying for me makes me feel better.
    You made it through week 1. Way to go!!! I think the following days and weeks ahead will be all downhill for you. You probably got through the hardest part (week 1). Keep your head up You can do this!!! XOXOXO Love, Monica

  2. Accepting change is hard for most people. It takes a VERY STRONG person to not only accept a change in their surrounding environment, but also to accept initiate and accept change themselves. Stay strong!