Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 11 ... swollen ankles

I woke up today to swollen ankles, and the top of my left foot hurts with every step. I talked to Mikalyla about it and opted out of the hike for today. I stayed in my room and iced my ankles for well over an hour, and then I napped on & off for a few hours. She thought it was best if I took it easy in the morning so that I would be at full strength for the afternoon. I was going to try to go to the gym in the morning, but my ankles & foot were really arguing that. Plus, I'm tired. I just haven't slept all that well since being here.

I think the problem with my ankles was due to switching to my newer gym shoes that perhaps were too tight on my instep. I loosened them for later in the day. 

The menu today - which again was the only pic I took since I didn't go on the hike.

Breakfast... I skipped since I had bad memories of a similar sandwich for our bagged lunch on Sunday (which was awful)... so I had oatmeal instead. I liked it.... even without the toast I would have normally had it with.

Lunch... soup was pretty good, and the pizza was surprisingly not too bad.

Dinner... It was not bad, although I'm not sure I'd have it again. However, the chocolate covered strawberries were AWESOME. And, mine were covered to the top this time, so I was cheated out of some chocolate, so I was happy!

The schedule for today:

6am - stretch (I didn't go)
7am - breakfast 
8am - hike (didn't go since I was in my room icing my ankles)
11:15 - liquid moves (skipped)
12:15 - lunch 
1:45 - open gym (skipped)
2:30 - Ball Works (was an ok class... much easier than when Sam taught it)
3:30 - Treading (explained below)
4:30 - total body h20 (Sam taught it... so, it's a good & hard workout, even in the pool!!)

Treading class... you pick a cardio machine, I stuck with the treadmill, as was my plan this week (to work on inclines). After a warm up, you go all out for 5 minutes, then recover for 5 mins, then all out for 4 mins, recover for 4 mins, then 3 mins cycle, then 2 mins, then 1 min repeated a couple of times. By the time we got to the 1 min all-outs I pushed myself to doing 15% incline and a slightly higher speed (for me)... so, a bit over 2.0 mph. I was dying & sucking for air by the end of class!

I pushed hard this afternoon, so that felt good. Hopefully I've figured out what the problem is with my shoes and that won't stop me tomorrow. Of course, I also had an appt with Dr. Ray tonight (the Chiro), and he's AWESOME. So, my body is feeling good tonight. Plus, I'm all caught up with my blog, so that feels good too. :)

Regret of the day: none!

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