Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5 ... The good, the bad & the ugly

Friday. Finally. But I'm miserable. Ok, if TMI is too much for you... walk away NOW. It's that time of the month for me (started late yesterday), so today was almost unbearable. It's not something I would normally *talk* about, but... in my efforts to be honest, I have to share that - because of the effect it had on my day.

The hike. Yeah.... Well. We get to the trail, and it's closed for the day. So, Randy, the lead hiking guide for our van, comes up with an alternative plan. I think he forgot what level we are at in this van. He parks along the side of some road. He says, well... there's this fire road we're going to take. (here comes the direct quote)... It goes uphill a little, we'll see how you guys do. Ok. OMG.... this thing was steep in parts and went uphill for friggin DAYS. I started out strong, but then started to fade a bit. Later in the day, I found out we had done part of reverse zuma and any trail name that starts with "zuma" will be really hard! But no, the fun doesn't stop there. Then, back down we go, and onto this other trail (in the woods, which was really nice). Not sure the name of it (I think it may have been part of bone tail?). Anyway, feeling like I was feeling, being sooooo low on iron, I was dragging. I brought up the rear. I think I made it back to the van a good 10-15 minutes behind the lead people. 

Came back and went to Stretch class. That always helps my back... even if I can't get into all of the ridiculous poses she shows us. I just make modifications.

After lunch, I went to Circuit Training. I gave it all I had... and it wiped me out. Besides having no more energy to give, my other *issue* for the day was just becoming problematic for me to continue. So, I opted out of the 2 additional afternoon classes (one of them being a pool class). I intended to take a nap, but couldn't ever fall asleep. So, I missed the 1 class I've been looking forward to all week... Cardio Disco Jam. Oh well, I'll catch it next Friday.

Tomorrow will be another difficult day physically for me, so I've decided to take it easy a bit. I'm not going on the sign-up hike or taking the Cardio Blast class. I asked if instead I could workout on the weight machines. Those are machines I would really like to get VERY comfortable with since they are at the gym at home. I feel weak, especially my upper body, and I would really like to work on increasing my strength for both my upper & lower body. So, I'll be working out solo, although there will be a class going on in the gym at the same time. But, they will all be on the cardio equipment (treadmills, arc trainers, recumbent bikes, Nu Step), so I should have the machines pretty much to myself, unless someone else is in there working out like I am.

I had a shiatsu massage tonight. It's a distant cousin (if you will) to a Thai massage (which I love). It was good, but, given how sore my muscles are, I think I'm better off sticking to the Swedish massages. My lower back spasmed while I was getting the massage. I'm hoping Dr. Ray can help with that. I have 2 appointments with him next week.

So... still not sleeping well. Plus, last night I had VERY weird dreams. I'm really hoping this detox crap ends soon... I could use a decent nights sleep... it's only been over a week since I've had one!! So I don't think I'm asking for too much!

All in all... icky, uncomfortable day..... BUT, people here are so supportive, you don't really have a chance to sit in your own stink (stinkin' thinkin').... the ones who have been here more than a week have lots of advice and share their thoughts... it helps keep you motivated, and it also helps you know when it's ok to take a break when your body demands it. One thing I hope to learn while here is how to listen to my body more. It talks to me, but I haven't a clue of what the hell it's saying half the time!!! I need to get better at that, I need to find a healthier balance... and be in tune with it. I think achieving that will help me go far in my overall goal of weight loss & a healthier lifestyle.

Regrets of the day: Not going to Cardio Disco Jam

No pics (I think I took some, but I'll upload them tomorrow). G'night!  

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  1. Danielle, I am sooo proud of you. The struggles you've mentioned this week are the very one's you feared might happen while you were there and you conquered every single one. YEAH!!!! (aside from sleep from that'll go away soon I think).

    The fact that you're wanting to learn body AND mind and are still filled with desire is very exciting.

    Lots of water should help with the detox but when you're laying there counting sheep, try to relax your mind and just listen. Listen to what your body and mind are trying to tell you. Easier said than done but good to do every once in a while.

    Love ya - stay strong!!!