Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 15 ... Monday #3

Here we go, another Monday. I didn't take any pictures again (sorry). As I mentioned yesterday, I opted out of the hike today... I figured it would be too muddy. Instead I worked out in the gym for about an hour and 40 minutes. Besides a little cardio, I worked all the machines. I can honestly say I'm getting a little more comfortable with them. I talked with Sam a bit this morning, and he pretty much said, if you're going to work strength machines, make sure to warm up first with some cardio - it'll increase the benefit of your overall workout.

I did two back-to-back Circuit Training classes rather than take a pool class. Since my arms still have a slight rash to them, and sometimes are still a bit itchy... so no pool & no hot tub for me for a bit longer. I felt stronger today, I'll really pushed it today. I even ran at 4.9 mph (only for 30 seconds), but still... I RAN!! Also, on the machines, I really pushed up the weights and/or resistance. I left everything I had in the gym. If felt really good too that my back didn't hurt - at all!

I saw Dr. Ray today (the Chiro)... another good appointment. He really has helped me out with my back & neck issues. He thinks by the time I got home, I might be an inch taller!!! WHAT???? Hey, when you're only 5'3", you'll take it!! Hell yeah!

Ok, what else is a positive thing I can share? ... well, I've noticed my complexion is better, much better. Actually, my skin in general is better. It's amazing what crap, unhealthy food does to your body... even your skin. This makes me want to really try to keep it uber-healthy once I get home. I mean, besides for weight-loss, just from an overall health perspective. This will be tough, since I do have some food addiction issues (as in I like a bunch of stuff that is soooo not healthy). The plan for once I get home is something that I'll need to start spending time on in these 2 weeks. One saying they have here is "Failure to plan means planning to fail". That's so very true, and definitely a contributing factor to my unhealthy lifestyle. I need to have a plan, and I need to follow through on it. "Not having enough time" cannot be my excuse anymore.

Well, I'm tired ... gonna go veg in front of the TV for a bit and get to sleep early!


  1. I'm happy to read that Dr. Ray is really helping you. I know you have suffered with back pain, so you being able to work out pain free is WONDERFUL! You are doing awesome!

  2. Maybe with a few more Dr. Ray visits you'll catch up to me in height - LOL. I'm glad to read the positive attitude. I think you're still ready to conquer anything. Yeah!!!

  3. I have been trying to keep up with your blog. You are so good at doing it on a regular basis. Any adventure this big has its ups and downs and you seem to be handling them both in stride. This is your last week - enjoy it! Especially those massages!!! Lucy