Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 0 ... Am actually HERE!

Wow, ok. So, I'm here. Feels unreal a bit. Where to begin... ok, first, what *happened* today - arrived here around 2:30pm. Checked in - which means you get your water bottle, guest workbook, lanyard that shows your name & has your room key, and get your schedule. I'm in the ORANGE group this week. So, after the hikes, there are 3 groups that rotate the pool, aerobics room & the cardio room. My new friend Noelle is in the orange group with me, so I feel like I'll have a buddy with me already! :)  

You then sign up for an appt (I got the 2:35pm slot), walk up to the 3rd floor... and your prize for going up there? Getting weighed in & measured. At first I was very nervous because one of the two people there was a man... that just made me immediately feel insecure & nervous. It was John, the fitness manager. I have to say, that by the time I left 10 minutes later, I was calm. They really do work hard at making you feel at ease. 

Then off to my cabin. WELL.... in today's pictures, I included a map of the place. My cabin is #44, which is in the way upper right corner. Just about as far way as you can get. Why does that matter? You have 15 minutes in between classes - even for pool classes. At least 10 of those 15 minutes will be just walking here & back! So, I'll get a little mini workout in between my workouts!

My first meal here. Dinner was Chicken Polenta with carrots & green beans. I don't ever remember having polenta before... was... interesting. I'd eat that again, but it might take me some time to get used to it. The veggies were good... but the chicken was very dry if I'm being honest. Good thing they give you some Marinara sauce with it. Dessert on the other hand, was Tiramisu. Essentially it's some granola with tofu of some sort on top. Guess what? That was pretty darn yummy. I definitely could see having that at home.

After dinner, everyone introduced themselves - and the stay-overs (people here on at least their 2nd week or repeat guests) gave their advice to us newbies. It was good to hear what they had to say!

I need to turn in early tonight (it's just after 8pm now). Tomorrow's schedule is:

6:00 - stretch class (taught by Sam from last year's Biggest Loser show)
7:00 - breakfast
8:00 - leave for hike (all in all a 2 hr hike)
11:15 - total body h2o (or Mountain)
12:25 - lunch
1:00 - 1st weekers: announcement
1:15 - 1st weekers: Lecture - Budget
2:15 - Intro to Circuit
2:30 - h2o intervals
3:30 - circuit training
4:30 - core training
5:30 - dinner
6:15 - 1st weekers: Lecture - spending your calories wisely

So... 7:30, pass out? LOL 

It looks to be a busy day tomorrow!! Tomorrow is where it's time to put the rubber to the road.

I'm going to try blogging everyday... will see how that goes. I want to give a shout of thanks to everyone who has left comments already - they really are very encouraging, and I truly appreciate each one of them!! So, keep 'em coming! I think I'm going to need some help with the motivation part, and those definitely help keep my head in a positive place.

If you click on the album, it'll open a new page so you can see the pics larger. 


  1. hmmm this picture slide show format looks familiar...... :)

  2. Yeah... but, I think you're gonna need to show me the quickest way to get it centered (I'm anal, but didn't feel like futzing with the html code)

  3. Good luck on your first day Danielle! Yep, I'm guessing you will be asleep before 8! Stay focused! You can do this! Keep taking pics. It makes me (& others I'm sure) feel as if we are there.

  4. Good luck with the first steps in your life long journey to healthier you - Lucy