Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello LA....

Well, I made it to LA today! I switched flights very late last night. When I went to check in online for my flight, I found out I had a middle seat on a full flight. Ugh. I started to panic, started to change my mind about going. Started to get in a very FOUL mood. Here's the thing... and for those not overweight, you just cannot fully understand the feeling, so let me try to explain it. When you're overweight - and the fact is that I need to use a seat belt extender (very embarrassing to admit) - it's extremely uncomfortable to fly, let alone in the middle seat with people you don't know. For one, it's *physically* uncomfortable to squeeze yourself in. Second, I feel shameful and guilty towards the people on either side of me. Like I just want to crawl into a corner and hide (and cry). Plus... this flight was 6 hours long. 

So, for an extra $50, I switched to an earlier flight and managed to get a window seat with an empty middle next to me. Woohoo!! That helped.

So, I stayed up all night, finished packing & getting ready (even a shower @2am). We left the house at 4:30am, and I took my 7:30am flight. Got here @10:30am, checked into hotel, ate lunch, and then crashed. Sleep felt good, even though I didn't get enough sleep. I plan on turning in early tonight. My body clock is all messed up. I feel like I lost my 3 hour advantage already!

Once I got to my hotel and had a chance to breathe... it started to hit me. O-M-G, *what* have I gotten myself into? That's right, the big baddie fear reared it's ugly head. Thankfully, I was tired enough to fall asleep and could ignore it for now. **kickboxing, kickboxing** (that's what I mutter to myself when fear shows up)

Before this journey begins - I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to my family & friends for being supportive. Thanks to that awesome facebook group of alumni & future guests of FR (fitness ridge). They have been so supportive, welcoming and so willing to share their knowledge, opinions and advice. It definitely has helped calm my nerves about going somewhere - somewhere like this, alone. I made friends early on with one woman months ago, and so I already feel like I'm taking this trip with a friend, so that *really* helps!

Oh.. and for the record, I had to bring THREE bags (plus a stuffed tote bag) - 2 suitcases & a duffel bag. Remember, I said I overpack a bit, but at least I feel prepared... I think.

Ok.. about to call it a night. Trying to clear my mind - and not set any expectations, and just go with whatever is about to happen for the next 4 weeks.


  1. Hey Danielle!! It's 2:45pm and you're probably here by now.... I thought I may have just seen you go into your cabin, but that woman only seemed to have ONE bag, so it CANT be you :)

    See you soon!

  2. hahaha, yes, that definitely wasn't me!! Only 1 bag, what craziness! It was great to finally meet you today - I don't know how you were before you got here, but I definitely got a very positive vibe from you at dinner tonight. So, way to go! :)