Monday, April 11, 2011


Ok... so what happened to me? ... I caught the mother of all flu!!! (how do you pluralize 'flu' anyway?)... Anyhoots, the Sunday I left (4/2), my voice was hoarse, and my throat hurt. 9 days later and I'm still sick! Ugh!!

I wanted to at least share my results since several people have asked me how I did... so, here they are, my results after a 4 week stay at Fitness Ridge in Malibu:

  • -18.2 lbs
  • -3.25" from chest
  • -3.75" from my waist
  • -4" from my hips
  • -3.3 bmi
A week later, I've dropped another another 5 lbs!!! (4 of them by that Wed!!). I have not worked out or eaten healthy since I got back. Although, for several days I barely ate as it was. This flu really knocked me on my ass for a bit. I had to take 4 days off from work, and I pretty much just lived & slept on the couch! Not what my plans were AT ALL.

So, after almost 5 weeks, a 23 lb weight loss? I'm friggin HAPPY with that! :) 

... But, I'm starting to feel better... and hopefully will start to put my plan in place and continue on this journey.

Thanks for following along & sending so much support. It really meant a lot to me... and kept the fire burning to continue on!

Take care!!