Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 8 ... Monday again!

Today was worlds away from last Monday. I can hardly believe how much stronger I feel in comparison. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle, but it's all new struggles... it's all about pushing yourself a little further each day. Two examples:

  • Today's hike. We were back at Malibu Creek, although the trail we took was a bit different. We did nearly 5 miles. I did this hike last Wed. What a great way to compare my progress than to do *almost* the same hike again. This one was the one that had a killer hill near the end, and where I had a meltdown (about my dad... and because I was just exhausted). Well, this time, I managed to never even have to stop while going uphill!!! I mean, how ABSURD is that?? Didn't even have to stop? My speed may have slowed down, and my steps might have gotten shorter, but I didn't stop.... for nearly the entire 2 hours. Pretty amazing. I still went slower than many other people... but remember, it's MY hike, and that's all I concentrated on.
  • After the hike, rather than take the pool class, I took the other option, which is Mountain. Ok, what's this class? You start on a cardio machine (I was on a treadmill), you pick a comfortable pace and every 3 minutes you have to *up* one of the controls - either the speed or the incline. You do this for a total of 12 times (36 minutes)... add in the warm up & the cool down, and you've got your 45 min class. Anyway, I chose to go, and I picked incline all the way. Which meant, by the time I was at the top of the "mountain", I was at a 12 incline! Again, I might not have been going super fast, but I'm building my endurance for those hills!
That was my morning... my afternoon looked like this:

2:30 Circuit training (I actually RAN on the treadmill for a couple of 30 seconds bursts!!, and not jogged, but full out RAN)
3:30 Core training (mostly mat work... but it's grueling)
4:30 h20 circuit

Again, my favorite thing about having pool class last is getting into the hot tub immediately after!! I could only stay for 10 minutes since I had to hurry up to go eat dinner & make my Chiro appt.

No pics again... the only one I really took yesterday was of the menu. I'll post that tomorrow. I need to get better about putting my camera in my jacket pocket during the hike. I just don't want to stop to take pics when it means getting it from my CamelBak pack. I'll keep working on this... I know people want to see hike pics! They really are pretty (when I manage to look around instead of just staring where to put my feet). Staying injury-free is job #1... looking at the scenery is #2! LOL

Thank again for all the kind words... in comments here, and in email, texts & facebook. It truly does mean a lot to me... and inspires me to keep on pushing!


  1. I'll be at the resort in Utah in a month and found your blog on the Facebook page for Alumni. Just letting you know that I'm reading along and am really excited to see everything that happens.

  2. Yes, your safety is a priority, but those of use wanting to see pics of Cali are fidgeting :). Keep up the greatness!



  3. keep all hard hard work. You are in inspiration to or us.

  4. Keep up the great work Danielle!!! I'm watching The Biggest Loser thinking of you guys. Pick an awesome hike for us on Saturday, I'll drive up to meet you!