Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4

I didn't take any pictures today... not even of the food. I felt blah... the hike really took a lot out of me. It wasn't the difficulty (it actually was a moderate hike, 4.5 miles, but not any monstrous uphills). It was the heat & sun. I got a bit burned, even though I put SPF 70 on. I must have sweat it off. I hate being burned. In fact, the heat is the biggest reason I decided to come to Malibu instead of Utah. It must be all that Canadian blood in me!

This is going to be a short entry.... first up, the schedule:

6am - stretch (I skipped)
7am - breakfast (fruit, muesli & almond milk... once I added some truvia, it was really good!)
8am - hike (back to Paramount Ranch for my group)
11:15 - liquid moves (think cardio, but in the pool)
12:30pm - lunch (an AWESOME chicken & avocado soup in broth, and turkey sandwich & salad)
1:15pm - cooking demo
2:30pm - total body h20 - another pool class, this time all about strength
3:30pm - ball works (the class from hell... taught by Sam)
4:30pm - treading (tough class)
5:30pm - dinner (stuffed peppers, vanilla pie (grapenuts & tofu))

Tonight was awesome... no after dinner lecture. I was back in my room by 6:20. That gave me some time to catch up on my blog. :) ... sadly though, I took no pics today.

Today was just a day where all I was thinking was "just make it through the day". And I did. I didn't wear my polar watch today, because, as I feared, the chest strap has caused some skin-related issues and it felt rather raw today. So, I decided not to wear it after the hike (I like it for the hike, so I can gauge my heart rate and know when my body needs to stop & recover, and when it's just my brain telling me I'm tired & can't do it..... this is a re-training my brain process that I'm working on).

I hope to feel better tomorrow (need good quality sleep), and then I'll be back to taking pics in no time!

And keep the comments coming. One of the highlights of my day was when right before lunch, I checked my email and read a very sweet & uplifting blog comment (thanks Olivia) that put a little bounce in my step (until Sam's class beat the crap out of me!!! LOL)

Biggest regret of the day

  • another easy one... not having a massage appointment today!!
  • not having brought good quality after-sunburn care


  1. You're doing AWESOME!!! All the things your feeling are completely normal and healthy.... you just wait til next week.. and THEN the week after, you'll feel like a rockstar!!

    PS I have aloe vera.... let me know if you'd like it!!

  2. With the passing of each day, things will get better! There's no stopping you now :).